Spend a Night on the Grey Ghost

Treat your family, youth group, classroom, or group of friends to the ultimate overnight adventure aboard USS Hornet. Surrounded by vintage and modern aircraft, experience what it was like to live aboard a floating city.

Choose from our exciting overnight offerings the program that best suits you!



Live-Aboard Program

$60-$100 per person
Pricing varies upon group and day

(Ages 7 & Up)

Come aboard and spend the night living with history with the ultimate overnight adventure! The Museum’s Live-Aboard Overnight Program was one of the first of its kind and a model for overnight Museum adventures.

Explore the decks of this famous World War II ship from the Captain’s Bridge to our Sickbay as you walk in the footsteps of astronauts and heroes aboard the ship that proudly recovered the first men to walk on the Moon, the Apollo 11 and 12 lunar mission astronauts.

The Live-Aboard program includes an evening tour, breakfast and dinner in the original Enlisted Mess, late-night ghost stories, and more! The program is suitable for all age ranges and its standard single-night stays are divided into:

  • Family/Small Group Live-Aboard: For individual families who wish to stay aboard.
  • Youth Group Live-Aboard: For organized youth groups such as scouts and schools.
  • Adult Group Live-Aboard: For organized adult clubs, work groups, or groups of friends.



STEM Night Ops Overnight

$60- $80 per person Price varies upon day
Schools & Youth Groups

(Ages 7 & Up)

Ever wonder how an aircraft carrier works? Bring your students aboard for an unforgettable night of STEM learning! Pack your sleeping bag and toothbrush and prepare for adventure!

During the Night Ops Overnight your students will visit select areas of the ship to see various spaces and systems and discuss the science and engineering behind them. As the students move around the ship, they will participate in several hands-on science stations and demonstrations by our STEM Team to illustrate the science behind USS Hornet.

This program is currently available to organized youth groups such as scouts and schools. A 30 person minimum is needed to book a date.



History Mystery Overnight

$100 per person

(Ages 16 [with an adult] and up)

For those who want more time to get better acquainted with the ship’s secrets and paranormal side, we offer an overnight version of the popular History Mystery tour. Sleep where the crew slept–and perhaps still sleep–eat where they ate, and investigate with us from 6 PM to 9 AM the next morning.

Explore the eerier side of Hornet’s decks and visit spaces such as Sickbay and the ship’s jail with your flashlights and equipment. Each group is led by a skilled crewmember who knows the ship and her stories.

Sleeping and eating where the crew resided will be sure to give you a unique perspective on their lives and might even cause a small spark of connection.

All overnight guests must be at least 16 years old and we ask that all reservations be made in advance. Preregistration is required.


Can you provide for dietary restrictions?

The caterer for our overnight program can provide vegetarian meals (which we ask our groups to make note of on their roster). We recommend that any people with food allergies, who are gluten-free, or who are lactose intolerant, or require otherwise specialized meals bring their own dinner and breakfast. We have a refrigerator and microwave that can be made available during meal times.

What are the sleeping compartments like?

Our overnight guests get the unique opportunity to sleep in our ship’s original enlisted sleeping compartments! This does mean that it will be very much like group camping in one large room and individual family groups will share a single compartment, though there will be room to spread out.

What do we need to bring?

When you make your deposit, you will receive a General Information Packet which includes a list of items to bring. The most important things to pack, however, are: sleeping bag, pillow, good walking shoes, a water bottle, flashlight, and jacket. Please do not bring any unnecessary electronic items, anything flammable, or any weapons.

Is it alright if some members of our group arrive late/leave early?

Yes! We just ask that your group leader is alerted to all people who need to arrive late or leave early and that this information is relayed to the staff member assigned to your group! We have a Security Desk stationed at the top of the ship’s 2nd gangway who will monitor the door for the duration of the event and make it available to guests as needed.

To Book a Date

Take a look at our Upcoming Events Calendar! Find a date that your group qualifies for, or a few dates in case the date sells out before your application goes through, and list it on your application.

If you would like to stay aboard on a date not already listed on the Calendar, we do ask that you have a minimum group size of at least 30 guests.

Click on our Online Application to make your reservation!